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July 11- Happy 10th Birthday Oxford Lieder!

Oxford Lieder is now the ripe old age of 10!  To celebrate hitting double figures, this year's brochure takes inspiration from the grandeur of both the British and Swedish coats of arms. Have a flip through to see what events are on!  For more details of concerts please see

July 10 - Festival publicity commission for Oxford Lieder
Oxford Lieder exists to promote and celebrate song. 
The focus each year is The Oxford Lieder Festival, an annual two-week extravaganza of song. Founded in 2002, the Festival has rapidly established itself as one of Europe’s most significant musical events. An extensive education programme in local schools, numerous masterclasses and other concerts take place throughout the year. This year's Festival takes place between 15th and 30th October, for more please see

April 10 - Publicity Commission for 2nd Windrush Festival

 March 10 - "Going Home" 
(Christmas 2010 card commissioned by QEST)
Christmas is synonymous with cheer, loved ones and indulgence, and for many this means joining the seasonal rush to leave the city. When the final presents have been bought, bags zipped bursting at the seams and the ticket barriers cleared at the last minute, travellers finally get a moment to themselves on the train. "Going Home" celebrates the quiet warm anticipation of hurtling homewards. An icy but magical Chelsea Bridge and Battersea Power station glow in the darkness, a farewell at the edge of the city.  
Will be available for sale in Winter 2010.

December 09 - Oxford Lieder Spring Series

August 09 - Festival publicity commission for Oxford Lieder
Some of my books, illustrations and prints will be exhibited and on sale in the foyer of the Jacqueline Du PrĂ© Music Building in the opening weekend (16th-18th October) of this year's programme.

May 09 - The Volans Collective Magazine
(32 page Exhibition catalogue edited by Marissa D'Cunha, Mina Bach and myself)

Amongst the mighty Graphics and Media pathways, our little Applied Arts pathway at LCC Foundation sometimes got a little dwarfed. We decided to take a stand! 
The "Volans Collective" magazine was completely student-led in a bid to raise awareness about what the Applied Arts really meant and just how alive and kicking they can be! It also acted as a showcase of each student's work, and gave us a great insight into designing and actually printing and distributing our own magazine from start to finish on LCC's very own Heidelberg machines. A feat of organisation that was definitely worth it and spread the word - Viva Volans! 

for more see
or watch the printing of our very own zine below!

March 09 - Publicity Commission for Sholto Kynoch

Jan 09 - Publicity Commission for Sholto Kynoch
Sholto was after something that looked polished and serene. This was inspired by a dream that I had about a forest of violins, and I couldn't help getting Beethoven in there!

July 08 - Festival publicity commission for Oxford Lieder
The Oxford Lieder Festival now has a well-established reputation for bringing many of the world's finest singers and pianists to the city, as well as showcasing outstanding younger talent.

May 08 - Summer Songs series commission for Oxford Lieder

"TRIP" first runner-up of the Creative Graduate prize 07

The board game "TRIP" explores the idea that every part of life can be seen as a journey. This is portrayed though the Snakes and Ladders board which appears to have a life of its own. The squares move up and down on mechanical pistons, constantly changing the distance between destinations as a representation of the way in which chance and fate manipulate one's perception of, as well as actual time and space.
However in the "journey" that is life, not everything is up to chance - strategy is required. Hence the living players in "TRIP" are free to roam the board, falling into traps and opportunities that they cannot foresee. Each player's repeated journey is different every time as it is dependent on so many factors: time of day, weather, mood, or luck to name but a few. This particular game depicts my journey in New York in January 2007, with Snakes and Ladders represented by the modes of transport which I used on my travels.

The board itself teeters precariously upon a number of objects which I deem to be travel essentials, all balancing upon a tightrope representing the delicate balancing act of life. Whilst one part moves up, another moves down in an equal and opposite manner, keeping the world in constant equilibrium.
Improvise Films logo, company founded by independent filmmaker Ben Lettieri. October 07

21 Invitation, June 07
Happy birthday to me!

Logo for technical production company Imagine BelieveMay 07
"Imagine who you are, and the world will believe." 

The Recruiter, UCL Bloomsbury, an action thriller from director Daniel Grant, March 07

Business card flyers for The Recruiter, March 07

"Glorious", the annual showcase of UCLU gospel choir VOCE, February 07

Flyer for "Glorious", February 07

Flyer for "East Meets West", preshow party of MODO Fashion, February 07

"Join VOCE" poster, January 07

Free Ride Gig, Mau Mau Bar, Portobello Rd, December 06

Posters for MODO fashion classes, December 06

The day it snowed, December 06

London, August 06